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I’m a big fan of Gone With the Wind.  Most people who know me, know that.  So a few years back when I was invited to join a quilt swap of Civil War Reproduction 9 patches, entitled ‘A Quilt for Melanie Wilkes’, I jumped in on it without hesitation.


And I LOVE the quilt I ended up with.  It’s huge, about king size, and it’s got such a great assortment of fabrics, so many more than I could collect on my own.  I sent it to Randi Allen in TX to quilt it, and she did a great job with it, an all over swirly star pattern, perfect for the patriotic theme of the fabric.


Anyway, I’m so pleased with this quilt.  It’s really a workhorse quilt.  I often have a hard time using quilts that I’ve made because I’m so afraid they’re going to get torn up, or stained.  And after all the time and money that went into them, I want them to stay nice.  But this quilt is different.  It’s quite pretty to look at it, but understated.  It’s not flashy or showy, but the beauty is in the details; when you notice the quilting, or pick up on a really unique print in it.  It’s been used quite a bit. It’s super warm in the winter, and huge, so the perfect quilt to huddle under with my family to spend time together watching a movie. It’s the perfect quilt to haul to my husband’s ball games.  It’s big enough that all my girlfriends and their kids can sit on it and chitchat.  And it’s such a great blend of colors, no one would ever notice if something got spilled on it or stained.  It really encourages fellowship and friendship.  It’s very soft and a perfect amount of worn-in feeling.


And I think that’s what Melly would have wanted.



Several years ago there was a line of Gone With the Wind fabric that came out, and I snatched up a bunch of it.  I didn’t get around to actually making a quilt top out of it until a couple of weeks ago.  I used this great pattern by Violet Craft, that I modified just a bit to accomodate some of my larger prints.  In contrast, I call this my ‘Quilt for Scarlett O’Hara’.


Different from my Melanie Quilt, this quilt will not see a lot of hard work.  This one prefers to just be admired and look pretty.  I think I’m going to have it custom quilted, it needs that special touch.  I want the quilting to be showy, dramatic, definitely something to be noticed.  This quilt will just be draped around the house somewhere, a life of luxury.

And I think that’s what Scarlett would have wanted.


So, PS…I need a long-arm quilter.  Someone preferably who loves Gone With the Wind so they can help me capture the essence of Scarlett in the quilting.  I’m thinking perhaps some of her phrases in the sashing?  Know anyone?  Send them my way!


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I finally finished the Hideaway quilt. I’m not sure what to call this quilt. It was the ‘Moda Hideaway Had a Lot of Potential but Went Downhill Quickly’ quilt, but that’s an awful big mouthful, so I’m just going to call it the Hideaway quilt. I quilted the middle with an all-over meander in a green variegated thread, which I regret. I should have used a lighter thread that blended in better, but oh well, live and learn.

After machine binding the last quilt, I decided to do it again since this is a monster big quilt. It went much better this time, and I’m pleased with the results. The other thing I really like on this quilt was the quilting pattern I did in the outer border. My 1st 1st of the year was the machine binding on the last quilt, my 2nd 1st was quilting a design other than meander. I did trees, and just absolutly love them. They were fun to do and actually turned out pretty good. It’s a bit hard to see on the front, but easier on the back. I’m much less afraid to try other patterns on my next quilts, so I’m excited about that.

So I have another OPAM finish for February, and quilt 2/12 for 2012. I’ve already got this quilt on my bed, and since our temps have just gotten colder, it’s been great.

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About 5-ish years ago, I decided I wanted to make my future mother-in-law a quilt.  I didn’t know anything about quilting.  But, I knew I liked quilts, other people liked quilts, and I knew how to work a sewing machine…..so how hard could it be, right?  I saw a picture of a quilt I liked online, and figured I could come up with how to make it.  So I drew out what it looked like, figured up some dimensions and went down to my local craft store to get some fabric.  I enlisted my mom to help me, who also at the time didn’t know anything about quilting.  The particular pattern I picked had lots of triangles, and I distinctly remember sewing them up and them not being the right size, but we thought, hey…enough steam and stretching and we can make them the right size.  I know, are you just cringing in your seats?  Anyway, I made the top, but didn’t ever do anything with it after that.  I decided not to give it to her for some reason, although I don’t remember why.  I’m glad I decided not to, looking back at it.  I might have never gotten married, HA!  My MIL, who I didn’t know at the time had also made some quilts, would have taken one look at it and told her son not to marry that girl 🙂  I did end up making her a proper quilt a couple years ago though, so all is well.

Anyway, I tucked the top away, but never intended to do anything with it.  I was cleaning out some things the other day and ran across it.  I hadn’t seen it since I made it, and it was funny to look back at it.  Not many of the seams match, and most of the points were cut off, but I love the pattern, and I love my fabric choices.  I think it’s actually a really pretty quilt.  I figured I needed to bite the bullet and either chunk it or finish it.

As I continued to clean out my fabric bin, I came across a piece of fabric that worked perfect for the back, and was exactly the right amount, and the same for binding.  I figured it was a sign, and the next day I had it quilted and bound.  I’m really pleased with the way it came out, and I’m really glad I decided to finish it.  It’s pretty small, I’d say about lap quilt size, and will be perfect for Avery to drag around some day.  Since I wasn’t too invested in the finished project, I decided to try machine binding for the first time.  2 sides came out pretty good, and 2 pretty not good.  But the binding step is my least favorite, so I’m glad I did it.  It will take a little finesse and practice, but I’ll definitely do it again.

So, first finish of the month for OPAM, and first quilt done out of the 12 I want to finish this year out of my WIP’s.

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This is the first quilt I’ve finished this year.  It’s the one I was asking for sleeve help about.  I finished it on 1-1, but it took until now to get a semi-decent, although not fantastic, photo.

For those of you not familiar with it, this is my quilt from the ‘Around the World’ quilt swap I started a couple of years ago.  The way it worked, I made my first block up in the top left corner.  Then I sent it to LadyBelle, and she made a block that she thought would look good with it (top row, block #2), and sent both blocks on to Kate.  Kate made a block she thought would look good with those (top row, block #3), and sent all 3 on to the next person.  Around it went, until it got back to me.  We had 24 participants from 5 different countries, who all ended up with their own personalized quilt to go along with their starter block.  (1 girl made me 2 blocks, that’s why I ended up with 25 squares in my quilt).  This quilt has visited 24 different ladies in the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Australia, and Brazil.

I’m really so proud of the results, and I thank everyone again who participated in my hair-brained scheme.  We had some bumps along the way, but I think the results were worth it.  I’ve seen the final results of some of the other members, and they are all so different from each other, but so neat.  I can’t wait to hang this in my sewing room to remind me of all the wonderful quilters I’ve met through blogging.  I chose not to sash mine, and put them in the order they went around the loop.

For the back I chose a fun print that has all the different states on it.  It’s called ’50 states’, by Blank Quilting.  The colors went great with the front, and I think it’s a perfect theme for this quilt.  I wish it had the different countries too, but I’m going to include all those in the label I make for it.

I like this fabric so much I ordered another yard to replace this one I used.  I didn’t know it came in 2 colorways, but I ended up with the other one as my replacement.  It’s reds and blues instead of pinks and purples.

And it was also my first attempt at a hanging sleeve, that I think turned out well.  It hangs, so I’d call it successful.  Thanks to everyone who left me a comment about how to make one.  I decided not to sew it into the binding, as I didn’t want it to show about the quilt when it was hanging.  This one is about an inch down, and could actually have been closer to the edge without showing, but I don’t think it’s too far down to hang weird.

This is really one of my most favorite finished quilts so far because of all the people that put their time and effort into it.  It’s really a treasure, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it.

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I can’t believe it’s already the 17th.  This month has really just flown by.  My schedule has changed at work so instead of working every weekend, and having the weekdays off, I’m working the weekdays and having the weekends off.  It has really screwed with my free time, and I feel like I don’t have time to do anything besides work.  I know this is probably not a new concept to 99% of the world, but I’ve been on weekends for a year, and then nights for a year before that, so I’ve totally forgotten what it feels like to be back on a more ‘normal’ schedule.  Not that I’m working 5 8 hour days, I’ll probably never have that, but it’s about as normal a schedule as I can get as a nurse.

In the midst of this schedule change, we’ve also been house hunting for a rental house.  We’ll be moving this time next month, and we’ve found 2 really great houses.  Both are completely different, and we’re stumped on which to lease.  One is a bigger house, with a big yard, in a  family oriented neighborhood.  It’s a bit older, and a bit rougher around the edges, but with potential.  Although I don’t know how much work I want to put into a renter.  The second choice is newer, a smaller, shotgun type house, but it’s got all sorts of fancy upgrades on the inside.  A definite ‘wow’ factor when you walk in.  It’s a complete toss-up right now.

I have managed to get 2 more WIP’s finished this month.  That brings my total finishes to 3 so far this year, and I still haven’t bought any fabric.  Yay!

I finally finished the binding on the ‘Quilt for Melanie Wilkes’.  I love it.  It’s huge, and it’s perfect on our bed, or on the couch. 

The quilting was done by the fabulous Randi Allen, and it’s stars and swirlies.  A perfect theme for the quilt.

My second finish was this baby quilt that I’d been working on for awhile.

It’s one of those projects that took me a long time to do because I didn’t really like how it was looking as I was working on it, but now that it’s done, I really love it.

I was originally making it to list on etsy, but now that I like it so much, I don’t know if I want to.

There’s still so much I need to get done this month, but I don’t know where the time is going to come from.  How do you monday-friday’ers do it???

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Well I didn’t resolve to lose any weight this year, but I sure got the stomach flu quick enough and lost 6 pounds.  And I’m sure I’ve gained it all back since I started eating again, but for a brief fleeting moment, I liked being on the scale.  And since I’m such a giving person, I thought I’d share it with my husband.  He didn’t enjoy quite as much as I thought he would, but I told him it’s the thought that counts, afterall. 

This is going to be short and sweet, since I still have lots to play catch-up with.  I finished my first project in 2010 on the 1st, before I got sick.  I started it late last year, and was hoping to eek it by for a -09 finish, but didn’t quite make it.  It’s a Dick and Jane baby quilt and is now listed in my etsy shop.

I’ll have a whole new sewing project/room organizational project to report on as soon as I get my containers in the mail from JoAnn’s.  I’m hoping it will help me keep good on my promise to buy less fabric this year and use more from my stash.  Which, by the way, I’m 5 days into the year and haven’t bought any yet.  What does that make me, 5 days …?  Sober wouldn’t be the word…richer, maybe?  5 days richer?  Or 5 days less fabric poor?…Hmmm, I’ll have to work on that…

Oh, and by the way, just for fun, I’m changing my header each time I post.  It’ll be a different picture I took in New York, and I have enough for a couple months worth of posts, probably.  Just a fun thing to keep your eyes on…

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House Swappers…I will be posting the official sign-up post on December 7th.  Be deciding what kind of building you want to make, they’ll be first come, first serve.  Check out this post for ideas on what to make.  I think there will probably be only room enough for 2 people to make each category, so 2 people to make schools, 2 people for houses, etc.  So you’ll probably want to think of a second choice, just in case.  Remember, we’re doing detailed buildings here, not vague wonky ones.  And each person will be making 9 blocks, and receiving 9 back.  Enough for a really cute wall hanging size.  So check back on the 7th to get all the details and sign-up early to get your category.  The swap won’t officially start until after the first of the year, so you won’t have to do anything for it before the holidays.  I just want to get everyone signed up and in groups so we can start early in January. 

I finally found the BOM I’m going to do next year.  Of course the pattern book is no longer in print, and they’re listed on Amazon up to $100, waaaaay out of my price range.  But, I was fortunate to find one on ebay for a good price.

There are actually 2 different patterns for each month, so you can pick and choose to make your own personal calendar quilt.  Plus, there are several pages of ‘gallery’ that shows different quilts that people have made, along with some custom blocks to give more ideas and inspiration.

I think if you click on the picture, it should open up bigger so you can see the details better.

I’m glad the whole pattern is in the book, so I don’t have to commit to one of those really expensive BOM programs.  I can use my own fabric, and work on it as I want.  I’m really excited to start.  If it wasn’t so hard to get the pattern book, I would see if anyone else wanted to ‘quilt along’.  There’s a lot of new techniques in this pattern…turned-edge applique, 3D effects…that I’ve never done before, so it will definitely be a challenge.  But I’ll learn a lot too.

And here’s a picture of 1 of 3 baby quilts I’ve been working on, for a very exciting purpose.  More on that later…

I haven’t posted much lately, but I really have been busy.  I’ve got 3 other quilt tops made, but of course on the one sunny day to take pictures, they’re over at my mom’s.  Figures.  We had an all night quilting party the other night and they’re still there.  But I have a few exciting things coming down the pike, so stay tuned…

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