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Target Here I Come

While browsing on Pinterest last week, I saw this fabulous cutting table by Georgia Peachez.  (If you click on the picture, it will take you to her blog).  Anyway, my sewing room has become a nursery, so I knew I couldn’t use it, but my mom has a huge sewing space and lots of need for storage.  I showed her the picture, and told her she simply must do it for her room.  While we didn’t make the whole table, it did prompt a sewing room re-vamp, and she got some of these cubbies to put along one wall of the room to store stuff.  One cubby consists of the 9 storage squares. It looks fantastic, but I’ll leave it up to her to put up some pictures.  Check out her blog here.

And then I got to thinking about my sewing space.  When Avery took over the sewing room, I didn’t have any place to work.  For a while that was okay because I wasn’t in the sewing spirit.  But now that I’ve gotten the bug back, I want a place to work.  I’ve been using the dining room, which is less than ideal.

We live in an apartment, so our dining room is small, about 7 feet by 10 feet.  Right now this is how it looks.  I can use the table for scrapbooking, sewing, or cutting at any given time, but not at the same time.  I have to clean up one project before I have room for another.  With all the put up and take down, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to actually do anything.

But, that’s all about to change.  We’re moving to a different building in about 6 weeks, and I’m going to change out the dining room to an actual sewing room.  We never eat at the table, so that’s going to go. I’m going to make a work table like the top picture, although mine won’t be as big.  On the solid sides of the cubbies, I’m going to use the Command hooks to hang rulers, etc.  I’ll put my fabric and other notions in the bins.  For the top, I’m going to make an ironing surface table top, that I can put my cutting mat on top of.  That way it will do double duty for either.  On one end of the table I’ll put my sewing machine table so that my machine doesn’t take up room on my worktable top.  So, I just need to decide how big I want my table.  I came up with 3 options.

I drew them out on graph paper, so I could see how big this would turn out before I went out and bought cubbies.  This is option 1, the smallest.  The outside line is the outline of my dining room, each square being 6 inches.  The dotted line is what I want to keep my work area inside of.  That gives me 2 feet of clearance to move around all sides.  This would be my sewing table on one end, and just 2 cubbies back to back.  My work top would be just large enough to accomodate my 24×36 cutting mat.

Option 2 is the same arrangement, but the table top is larger.  I would have 3 cubbies total.  2 back to back, and then one on the end.  Like the inspiration picture, minus one of the end ones.  My sewing table would go there instead.

Option 3 is the largest.  It has 12 inches that would overlap one side of cubbies.  That would hopefully give me enough room to get my knees under to have a stool one on side.  I think it would be nice to be able to sit and work.

I’ll have to get some good lamps, as the room is pretty dark most of the time.  What else can you think of that I need to think about?  I want to have a fully functioning sewing/quilting/scrapbooking/work space in a small area.  I was originally going to have some pegboards on the wall, but in the small space I don’t know that I want anything sticking out that I could knock my head on.  Do you think 2 foot around is enough moving area?  Do you think I should have the overlap part of the table top to sit and work at?  Is 12 inches appropriate for that?  With this plan, my ironing/cutting top will be about 37 inches tall.  That’s a bit taller than most, but I’m a little on the taller side, so I hope it works out well.  What do you think?


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I am, without a doubt, a perfectionist.  I get it from my Dad, who is the Godfather of Perfectionists.  This trait of mine falls into the category of strength and weakness.  On the good side, I usually do a good job at whatever I do.  It might take me forever, but I’ll do a good job.  On the flip side, even if it’s a good job, I’m never happy with it.  It’s not good enough.  On the bad side, it’s very stifling to my creativity.  There are so many projects I want to do that I probably won’t ever start.  I’m afraid I won’t do it right.  I’m constantly afraid that after the project is done I’ll figure out how I could have done it better.  After it’s too late, I’ll come up with a better fabric combination, better technique, better idea.  So I wait until I think I’ve thought of all possible possibilities to help prevent that from happening, which of course never happens.  I could never think of all possibilities.  So I just never start the project.  I know there’s a bit of ‘fear of failure’ mixed in there, a smidge of psychosis too, I’m sure.  I blame my Dad.

Anyway, I want to work on that this year.  Who cares if it’s not perfect, right?  (I had a hard time typing those words out.  My chest tightened up a bit, because I CARE!)  But I want to care a little less this year, maybe take the edge off my anal retentiveness.  (Can you say anal in a quilting blog?)  I want to still do a good job, of course, but I don’t want it to prevent me from getting things done.  Or at least started.  I have so many fabrics that I just love that will  never see the light of day because I’m afraid I won’t use them in the right pattern.  As soon as I cut them all up, the perfect pattern will come along, and the world will proceed to spin off it’s axis.  Or some other horrible fate.  So instead of having them in the potentially wrong quilt, I have them in a bin where I can’t even see them.  That doesn’t seem right.

So this last quilt I made was a bit of a practice in this.  Granted, I did post about layouts to try to gauge what layout I liked best.  BUT, I didn’t angst to the ‘inth degree about the fabric choices, or the pattern.  I just went with it.  I’ve had that fabric I loved, I had the pattern I liked, so I put the 2 together and that was that.  No, I don’t love the result.  But it’s not all quilted and wrinkly yet, that always helps.  And you know what?  So what if it’s not my favorite quilt.  Every quilt I have can’t be my favorite.  I need some quilts that I won’t mind if Avery drags through the mud someday.  Or one to drag to my husband’s ballgames.  This one would be great for that, as it won’t show grass stains.  Or any stains for that matter.

A great blogger recently wrote, “It’s just fabric, right?”  (Gulp).  But it is.  It may not have been the perfect fabric choice, the perfect arrangement of blocks, or the perfect choice of border print, etc.  But you know what?  It will be a finished project, and I will have used what I have, versus buying even more fabric.  And I will be able to look at and enjoy the fabric.

Does it sound like I’m trying to convince myself still?  Maybe a little.  But I’m a work in progress.

(Since every blog needs pictures, I’ve put some of Avery.  She’s the only perfect thing I’ve ever done.)

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Thanks to everyone who gave their opinions on the quilt layout. I’ve started sewing the top together, and I’ll be sure to show it once it’s all done.

I realize I’ve been quite behind the times as of late. I’ve been out of the loop in quilting, and blogging. However, 2 AM is a really good time to catch up on all those things. That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve discovered some really great sites. I’m sure all of these things are all old news to all of you, but in case there’s someone out there who wants a quick list of all the places you must frequent to be amongst the cool kids, here you go…

Image… Are you kidding me? What a great idea! I’m so addicted, and I spend so many hours at this place. So that’s what everyone meant when they talked about pinning things, ah HA!. Now that I know what it is, I see that everyone’s already doing it. Ah well, better late than never. Lori Holt and I must have been twins separated by birth. I don’t even need my own boards, I could just copy and paste every single one of hers. If you’re interested, my peasly boards are here.

Happy Zombie…I love this blog! I know she’s been around probably forever, but I just found her. I’m always late to the party. Not fashionably late, just late. She and I also share a love of Ryan Gosling.

Image…I don’t know how I didn’t know about her blog, but I didn’t know. But now I do know, and there’s no turning back.

Fussy Cut…Another fantastic blog that I just discovered. I’m really proving how out of the circle I’ve been that I didn’t know about any of these 3 blogs.

Seriously, these are 3 huge, everybody adores them, blogs. I know they’re all already in all your favorites lists. But if perchance you’ve missed one of them, check them out. If you visit around 2 AM, I’ll be there too…

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2011 was an amazing year, although not for quilting.  I only completed one quilt last year, this owl quilt.

However, I did get to work on my most important project ever, Miss Avery Marie.

She was born December 1st, and I feel like my life has just begun.  She’s amazing, and my husband and I are truly blessed.  She is such an answer to prayer, and something we’ve been working on for several years now.

So I didn’t make any hard and fast resolutions this year.  I want to really try to slow down time in 2012 and really absorb every moment.  She’s already growing so fast and I don’t want to miss any of it, or gloss over any of it.  There are going to be a lot of big moments this year.  First laugh, first step, first this and that.  I want to keep my priorities in check this year.  Remember what’s really important.

I don’t know what quilting I’ll be doing this year.  I won’t be buying much fabric, as we’re on a super strict budget.  But goodness knows I have a closet full of fabric and tons of projects to do.  I’d like to get back into quilting.  I’m also planning on getting back into scrapbooking after a several year hiatus, as I have hundreds of pictures of tons of moments to record and remember now.  And, I’m going to upgrade my camera and start working on really learning photography.  I’ll just have to try to find something around the house to practice that photography on.  🙂

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Audience participation

I know I don’t have much audience left, but for those reading, I need input. I’m itching to do a sampler quilt. I’ve seen the farmers wife quilt along, and want to do one. I might even be teaching a couple people to quilt, and thought a sampler would be good for that. But I’m not sure about using templates. I don’t know that’s the best way to teach the basics of quilting. Anyway, do any of you know of any great sampler quilts that use old-fashioned rotary cutting? I’d love ideas!!!!!

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Well, as of this week, we finally have Internet, after months of being un-connected. AND, I’m writing this post from my new iPad. I feel so up to date and futuristic. So far, all I’ve really used it for is to play ‘words with friends’, which after 10 minutes I was totally addicted to. If any of you, if there are any of you left out there, would like to play, hit me up. I’m not sure how you’d do that yet, but I bet we could figure it out. I’m not very good, so you’d probably win a lot. Anyway, I’ll have to do a post from the old ancient laptop soon, since my pics are all on there for now, and I have so much to show and tell!!!!!!!!

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Well, everything is packed.  My sewing room is all in boxes, and my camera is in an unknown box somewhere.  So no pictures for this post.  Moving is such a big job.  I don’t know why I get amnesia every year and forget what a pain in the tukus it is.  I don’t want to do this again.

One thing I’m working on that I’m pretty excited about is a sewing table.  I got this old wooden sewing table with drawers from a friend’s mother-in-law’s estate.  It’s got some neat personality, but was in need of a re-do.  So I stripped it, sort of, (do you know what an awful job stripping furniture is?!?!) and then bought a really neat electric sander!  I should have bought one of these things years ago.  It’s my brand new toy, and I want to sand everything in sight.  I’ve almost got the table all sanded, then I’m going to paint and distress it.  I might even buy a paint sprayer, watch out!

Anyway, I was stupid enough not to take any before pictures, reference the above mentioned packed camera, but I’ll put up some ‘after’ pics once I get it all done.  I hope it turns out as cute as it’s going to in my head.  And, I’m almost done with my christmas quilt so hopefully I’ll have some show and tell soon, once I re-emerge from all the boxes.  Moving starts tomorrow!

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