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Quick housekeeping…it apeeeears as though I missed out on some comments that were left for me on the last 2 posts.  Granted, the second to the last post was over a year ago, but I have a bunch of comments on there I never saw.  So I apologize for ignoring you, I didn’t know! 😉

Okay, so not to leave out Benjamin on my quest to make ever-lasting Easter baskets, my hubby eyed this wooden boat at an antique mall, and on home it came with us.


I think this is the ‘before’ picture.  I was tempted to leave it in it’s distressed glory, but I saw a picture of a real painted boat that I loved, so I used that for inspiration.  Plus, once I sanded it, most of the white paint came off anyway.  So, it got sanded, painted, and I found a wooden anchor at Joann’s that I painted and glued on as well.


Then, for a little personalization, I painted his name on the back.  I won’t tell you how many times I sanded it off and repainted it.  And guess what, it looked exactly the same every time I painted it back.


At least it’s spelled right.  And now it’s all ready for tomorrow morning.  He’s only 4 months old, so he won’t have any appreciation for it.  But he will someday, right?  Right?



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My goodness it’s been a long time since I posted.  But I’ve been busy, so I’ll try to give you the quick update on what’s been going on in my little corner of the world.  These are the things I’ve learned since my last post…

1.  I tried to learn knitting from a book.  Someone told me it wouldn’t work and they were right.  It didn’t work.  I learned I couldn’t learn knitting from a book.  But I found a local yarn shop that’s gotten great reviews and gives one-on-one lessons for $5 an hour!  Sounds like a great deal.  I’m going to try it out really soon.

2.  I’ve looked into buying a shuttle for tatting.  I’ve learned there’s a lot of different types and I’ve put off making the decision.

3.  Went out to the lake with my family on my brother’s boat and went tubing, and had a fantastic Saturday vacation.  And I learned how to water ski.  Actually, I did a lot more of this than actual skiing.

But it was still a lot of fun anyway.  I was told I had the best, most entertaining, crashes.  And I’m okay with that.  I was the only one that was sore and could hardly walk the next day.  This is my 60 year old parents on the innertube.


4.  I went to my first estate sale.  Actually, my first 3.  I could write a whole book about things I learned from estate sales.  I have a good story about pillowcases maybe I’ll tell later.  I learned the hard way that if you’re not actually touching it, or have your body sprawled across an item, it’s up for grabs.  I’m still upset about the gorgeous vintage lingerie chest that was swiped from me.  Grrr…those shoppers are serious in there.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s eat or get eaten.  I got run over several times for not moving fast enough.

5.  I’ve enjoyed the fruits of summer.  I learned I like blueberries the least.


6.  I’ve had several job interviews, but my husband and I have decided that where I’m already at is the best for this time in our lives.  I re-learned that the grass is not always greener.

7.  I learned that it’s officially too hot for the flea market, and nothing looks appealing when I’m soaking wet with sweat and my flip flops are melting.  Think we’ll have to skip next month’s all together.  Bummer.

I’m sure I’ve learned more than that but that’s all I can think of at this moment.  Time to get caught up on all my favorite blogs.

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