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I’m a big fan of Gone With the Wind.  Most people who know me, know that.  So a few years back when I was invited to join a quilt swap of Civil War Reproduction 9 patches, entitled ‘A Quilt for Melanie Wilkes’, I jumped in on it without hesitation.


And I LOVE the quilt I ended up with.  It’s huge, about king size, and it’s got such a great assortment of fabrics, so many more than I could collect on my own.  I sent it to Randi Allen in TX to quilt it, and she did a great job with it, an all over swirly star pattern, perfect for the patriotic theme of the fabric.


Anyway, I’m so pleased with this quilt.  It’s really a workhorse quilt.  I often have a hard time using quilts that I’ve made because I’m so afraid they’re going to get torn up, or stained.  And after all the time and money that went into them, I want them to stay nice.  But this quilt is different.  It’s quite pretty to look at it, but understated.  It’s not flashy or showy, but the beauty is in the details; when you notice the quilting, or pick up on a really unique print in it.  It’s been used quite a bit. It’s super warm in the winter, and huge, so the perfect quilt to huddle under with my family to spend time together watching a movie. It’s the perfect quilt to haul to my husband’s ball games.  It’s big enough that all my girlfriends and their kids can sit on it and chitchat.  And it’s such a great blend of colors, no one would ever notice if something got spilled on it or stained.  It really encourages fellowship and friendship.  It’s very soft and a perfect amount of worn-in feeling.


And I think that’s what Melly would have wanted.



Several years ago there was a line of Gone With the Wind fabric that came out, and I snatched up a bunch of it.  I didn’t get around to actually making a quilt top out of it until a couple of weeks ago.  I used this great pattern by Violet Craft, that I modified just a bit to accomodate some of my larger prints.  In contrast, I call this my ‘Quilt for Scarlett O’Hara’.


Different from my Melanie Quilt, this quilt will not see a lot of hard work.  This one prefers to just be admired and look pretty.  I think I’m going to have it custom quilted, it needs that special touch.  I want the quilting to be showy, dramatic, definitely something to be noticed.  This quilt will just be draped around the house somewhere, a life of luxury.

And I think that’s what Scarlett would have wanted.


So, PS…I need a long-arm quilter.  Someone preferably who loves Gone With the Wind so they can help me capture the essence of Scarlett in the quilting.  I’m thinking perhaps some of her phrases in the sashing?  Know anyone?  Send them my way!


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Got some new fabric in the mail today.  I had been admiring Tanya Whelan for a while, so I gave in and got some.  Just a little bit though.



I know this apple/pear fabric has been around for a while, but I had to finally get in on the fun.  I’m always doing that.  Jumping in after everyone else is already done. 


This piece was the whole reason I ordered to begin with.  This is rock-a-bye nursery rhymes, and it’s actually for a specifc project.  Shocking, I know.  But every now and then I buy fabric with a specific use in mind.  Rarely, but sometimes.

That’s it for now.

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A few weeks ago I gave this sneak peek.  Then because I procrastinated on the binding, it sat on my table unfinished, until this week.


I got the pattern for this table runner from Moda BakeShop.  If you haven’t been there, you simply have to check it out.  Inspiration is just oozing out everywhere there.



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Yesterday I showed you some of great grandma Yonah’s quilts, so today I’m going to move down (or is it up?) a generation and show you some of my grandma’s quilts.  Just between the 2 generations, you can already tell a huge difference in quilting.  Just by looking at them, you can see how quilting had evolved.  There’s a huge difference in today’s and yesterday’s pictures.  These shots were taken last week on my grandma’s 88th birthday.  


I believe this is a Baptist Fan pattern.   


And I believe this was in my bedroom when I was little.


 I think this is my grandma’s crowning acheivement quilt-wise.  This is a 3D cathedral window, that was done primarily by hand. 


 I can’t even begin to imagine how long this took to make.


 But it’s absolutely amazing.  My favorite of all my grandma’s quilts.


 And I like this green and blue floral print especially.


 This Southern girl applique probably has a name other than Southern girl, but I dont’ know what it is. 


 But it’s pretty.


 This pattern is called Playtime Kids, and I love it.  It’s been a WIP for her for about….25 years?  The quilting still needs to be finished, and then bound.  It’ll get done at some point, I’m sure.  Here’s some of the appliqued squares up close. 






I bet neither of them would ever think their quilts would end up on the internet. 🙂

Now, we couldn’t find my Mom’s quilts.  So instead I’m showing one of her appliqued wall hangings that she and my grandma used to make and sell in a little shop where they lived. 


My grandma did one of these, and my mom did one.  But since they didn’t ever sign anything, they can’t remember who did which.  So here they both are.


Neat, huh?

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Yonah Would be Proud


Last week I showed this picture when I was talking about the sock monkeys my mom is making.  What I didn’t know at the time is that this picture is also 4 generations of quilters.  My great grandma Yonah (we called her Yoner) in the blue dress on the right being the oldest, and then she’s holding me, being the youngest.  (Wasn’t I a chunky baby).  I had no idea at the time what I was being born into.  That quilting was in my blood from the beginning.  I don’t have a lot of memories of Yoner since she died when I was young, so I’m so fortunate we still have all the quilts that she made.  These are some of those precious items that you could never put a price on.  I thought I would share the quilting talents of these ladies with you, starting today with great grandma Yoner’s work.


This is a Dutch Boy quilt.  I think it’s neat, but to be honest, my Mom and I couldn’t figure out what the oblong piece on the front is supposed to be. 


 Any ideas?


 I love how she wasn’t worried about things like centering the little boys.  Strictly for use, these quilts.  She wasn’t worried about perfection.


 This is another Dutch Boy quilt, only larger.


 And still with those mysterious pieces on the front.


 This little guy got his legs cut off with the binding.


 And to make a perfect mate, here’s a Dutch Girl quilt.  Again, not worried about the details.  I like this quilt alot, it’s my favorite out of the bunch. 


 And all her quilts are hand-quilted, and probably hand-pieced.  


 So this is where I got my love of polka dots from.


 These quilts have a lot of damage since they’re so old, but some of the prints are just gorgeous.  This yellow floral stood out to me.  It’d be neat to see some of these fabrics reproduced.  These quilts give me a whole new perspective on cutter quilts.  Every cutter quilt is probably somebody’s great grandmother’s work.   


My mom tells me that Great Grandma Yonah made 5 ‘utility’ quilts for each girl in the family when she got married.  My mom still has her 5.  Here’s a few of them to give you an idea.  These weren’t meant to be pretty.  Just for use.  This is the front of one of them.


 I LOVE this print.


 And here’s the back.


 This one seems pretty fancy to be a utility quilt.


 I can’t really tell how she made this.  Were these star squares leftover from another project and she just threw them in here?  Did she make them specifically for this quilt and then just end up cutting off the edges?  Either way, that sure was a lot of work.


 And then here’s a 9 patch she did, another utility quilt.


 I’d buy these prints if they were out now.  We had similar tastes it seems.


I think looking at these quilts gives a neat perspective on how quilts and quilting have changed through the years.  Back when she was making quilts, quilts were strictly for use.  Probably no quilt shows back then.  These were to keep you warm.  Another big difference is that all these quilts were made from old clothes and leftover scraps.  Moda wouldn’t have stood a chance back then.  I’m sure if she were still alive, she’d be amazed at how much quilting has changed.  Amazed at how much money quilters put into picking out the perfect fabric, and the perfect pattern, and how big of a business it is now.  I wonder where quilting will be in another 60 years? 

Tomorrow we’ll move down a generation and I’ll show you some of my grandma’s quilts.

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Fabric Haul Part I

Do you remember back in January when my husband went to visit his Mom in Texas, and went to that quilt store and picked out some fabric for me?  Well, since we also stayed with my MIL this past weekend, she so sweetly took me back to the same quilt shop.  I knew I was in trouble when 5 feet inside the front door I already had a stack of fabric going.  So I’m going to divide my haul into 2 parts, to spread the loveliness around.


You probably recognize this Amy Butler print.  It’s everywhere.  I have admired it for a long time, and as soon as I saw it, I snatched up a yard.  Don’t know what I’ll do with it yet, but that’s never really the point, right?


This charm pack and big ric-rac is actually for a project.  I saw a tutorial for a really cute table-runner a while back floating around blogland somewhere.  I’ve been looking for the perfect charm pack since then, and this was the one.  Now I just have to find that pattern again…


These 30’s repro prints are going into my 30’s repro stash.  At this point, I think I’m going to be making a grandmother’s flower garden quilt from them.  However, since that’s such a giant project, they may end up becoming something else.  The yellow roll at the top is 1 3/8 yards of 108″ backing fabric, and was on sale.  I don’t see many 108″ cute prints, so I snagged it.


This fabric was actually given to my by my MIL.  She purchased it a long time ago, and thought I might be able to use it in a project.  I love it!  Thanks Teresa!

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So I missed the first of the month to update you on how I was doing on my New Year Resolutions, so I thought I’d give you a little mini one.  Just about the ones I’ve made any progress on.  As always, check out this page for a full reminder of what I’m working on.

1. I wouldn’t say I’ve kicked my healthiness into high gear, but I would say that finally it’s in more of a medium gear. My husband and I have gone to play racquetball, with a good workout afterward, the last 2 Friday’s with hopes to make it a weekly thing. And I’m eating lots more fruits and salads. I’m not the kind of person that can say, “From now on, no more ________ (fill in the blank with whatever unhealthy thing you like)” I can’t make blanket statements like that and keep them up, but I can make better eating decisions on a meal-by-meal basis. So each time I eat, I think, “How can I make this particular meal better for me”. So I’m very proud of my progress on this first resolution.

6.  I have learned to crochet.  Well, enough to make the particular project I’m working on.  I’ve bought yarn to start a hex blanket for myself, and one for a gift.  So far all my energy has gone to the gift one, since I am on a time crunch for that one.


8.  We’ve been talking about the NYC trip.  I need help/tips/ideas from anyone who’s been to New York City/lives in NYC/knows anything about NYC.  Where to stay, what to see, what not to see, how to make it less expensive then what it’s looking like it’s going to cost. 

9.  I have sketched out the quilt of my own design, bought most of the fabric, and started cutting.




See?  That wasn’t so bad, just a quick update.  And since I didn’t do much this month, there wasn’t much to update.  This was one of those weird months, where I just didn’t really feel like myself, and didn’t really feel like doing anything.  I hope I’m out of that funk now.  I feel like starting on the crochet project may have helped some.  Time will tell.

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