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Quick housekeeping…it apeeeears as though I missed out on some comments that were left for me on the last 2 posts.  Granted, the second to the last post was over a year ago, but I have a bunch of comments on there I never saw.  So I apologize for ignoring you, I didn’t know! 😉

Okay, so not to leave out Benjamin on my quest to make ever-lasting Easter baskets, my hubby eyed this wooden boat at an antique mall, and on home it came with us.


I think this is the ‘before’ picture.  I was tempted to leave it in it’s distressed glory, but I saw a picture of a real painted boat that I loved, so I used that for inspiration.  Plus, once I sanded it, most of the white paint came off anyway.  So, it got sanded, painted, and I found a wooden anchor at Joann’s that I painted and glued on as well.


Then, for a little personalization, I painted his name on the back.  I won’t tell you how many times I sanded it off and repainted it.  And guess what, it looked exactly the same every time I painted it back.


At least it’s spelled right.  And now it’s all ready for tomorrow morning.  He’s only 4 months old, so he won’t have any appreciation for it.  But he will someday, right?  Right?



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